Core of Ar'kelos recommended over Slayer's crest?

As far as I can tell, Slayer’s Crest is better in every way. More passive AP, more AP on use, same cool down.

I can’t comment on this without any context. It is best to create a snapshot and tell us what you are looking at in particular (best in bag, best in slot, etc.)

Instructions to make a snapshot:

Here’s the snapshot, but it shouldn’t matter what my other gear is. As far as I can tell Slayer’s Crest is strictly better for warriors.


I see. Yeah, we culled out the pre-TB items from our trinket estimates to speed up the optimizer, so it’s not really “seeing” the on-use on Slayer’s Crest anymore. I could add it back in if people are still using it, or you could lock it in.

I can add an estimate for that classic era item.