Correction needed: Dread Gladiator's Chain Armor AP trait levels do not match in-game

Dread Gladiator’s Chain Armor@355ilvl on AMR says the last trait is unlocked at 26. For me, In-game it unlocks at ap lvl 29.
Not a huge issue but thought I would bring it up since I haven’t seen it reported here.

First time using the forums and this looked like the right place to post it, but if not just let me know.


Thanks - yeah the unlock requirements on azerite gear are just… weird and all over the place.

Yea, they certainly seem to be.
I have a head item at 355 that got maxed at 26 (and thus, pushed to 360), but this chest wont until lvl 29.
Not a big fan of how that works… but it is what it is.

No problem, and I’ll report anything else I see as it comes up. Keep up the great work!