Corruption going past my set limit

I set my corruption limit to be 39 but when i did my best in bags option it gave me 40 corruption total. Is this a bug?

Maybe because your cloak has some resistance as it offsets

Shouldn’t be like this maybe share a snapshot code using the “help” button in BiB.

If you press “help” next to the big Best in Bags section title, then click Create Support Post, and copy the generated snapshot ID here, we can look at your specific case. It should never exceed your specified corruption max unless you force it to do so by e.g. locking items in.


I’m having the same trouble. I set my corruption to 19 but Mr. Robot gave me a set that has a corruption level of 23 when taking my cloak’s resistance into account.

You need to change your minor essences to the recommended ones and get the extra 10 corruption resistance.

If you click on the Char Sheet tab it shows your final corruption resistance:

(Your score is going down a tad in this case because your equipped gear is above your desired corruption cap. These changes bring you back down below it.)

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I just had this same problem and really couldn’t figure this out until I found this post. I think there should really be an indicator in the addon in-game that shows that your current setup differs from what the optimizer wanted, the same way pieces with the wrong azerite powers get highlighted. The same kind of squares on the neck slot seems like a perfect solution and mirrors what we see on the website.