Could it be possible to customize strategy for corrupted gear?

Hi, could it be possible to use the customize feature to select specific corrupted affixes like you can do with Azerite Powers?

I would like to create a set for my healers for Mythic+ where i select some corrupted pieces for damage since i know i don’t necessarily need extra healing but do want to contribute to extra damage.

Thanks and stay safe!

Anything is possible with more code!

I’m assuming that just locking in the DPS corrupted items you prefer is not obvious for you in your case?

Hahaha, that is a good point :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes locking in the gear does work just fine when one of my character has a few corrupted pieces here and there, in others it is a bit more of a guesswork since i have many corrupted pieces since the change to always drop corrupted pieces from horrific visions.

Another case when i have wished to be able to do this is when creating mixed ST/AOE sets for my dps classes since i may want a little bit of a balance sometimes while letting MR use its math to balance the stats, etc.

But i understand that it may not be worth the effort to implement something like this so late into BFA.

Regardless, thanks for the reply and the great service :+1:

Yeah, we’re deciding what to do with our time between expansions here… there are a number of projects/improvements that we have been considering for quite a while. This one would actually be pretty hard to implement, since things are crazy now already in the optimizer with the state of gear in the game.

I’ll ask yellow what he thinks.

I was talking with one of the guys I raid with about Twilight Devastation, he doesn’t like it and prefers to use the stat boosting corruptions.
We talked about how BiB works and he said he’d like to have a way of customising the corruption pieces too, he’s the second person I’ve played with who wants to be able to do that.

I like the idea too, although I’ll just lock things in and let the robot optomise around those changes. I’ll also do massive combo sims to see how things perform but I’m familiar with how that works while not everyone is.

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