Couple Questions on Tank Simming (Warrior & DK)

So I’ve been main tanking for the better part of this patch and I had some questions I couldnt easily find on the search.

  1. Did the labels go away for Toughness in relation to content? If so, why? I know they were just a general rule of thumb but the removal has made is somewhat harder for me to gauge where to move the slider when flipping around between raid and mythic+ content.

  2. Simming tanking seems to be wildly different between raid and mythic+ Now I know these seems like a hot take so I’m sure I’m missing something. I know, basically, that “Chance of Death” should be super low for a successful tank sim run. This works out really well with Mythic+ sims and I generally don’t have an issue with this BUT It seems that raid sims seem wildly different. I noticed that you can adjust the difficulty of content for Mythic+ but not for raid… Is this on purpose? I figured a Heroic boss would hit hard than a Normal boss, so why no modifier?

  3. ish) Not really a question but more of an observation. It just seems super difficult to gauge where the sliders should be for a tank gearing up from 205 onward. I’m 215 now on my DK and it still seems like I’m (and sometimes AMR) is constantly indecisive of which gear I should put on. I figure just sliding it to “All Tough” would be the best way to start out but maybe not? Maybe if I had a question, would you say that guides and articles written pre-SL are still relevant to using AMR for tank simming? (of course they are but im still asking)… I dont know how to put it but Im getting super frustrated with AMR and I dont know why lol Maybe a case of overthinking/oversimming.

The toughness slider is more relative than absolute – that’s why we took the labels off. For some people the labels worked out, for others it was quite a bit off. It depends a lot on your skill level in M+, your raid team, etc.

We tune the toughness slider roughly around current raid content. Once your gear gets up to about ilvl220 or higher, it should give you a pretty smooth transition from DPS to toughness. If you are below that… it’s not as smooth because you are outside the bounds where we focused our data for toughness.

You can adjust the NPC damage multiplier for any tank simulation, including the raid script. For example, if you set it to +47%, that is roughly Mythic raid difficulty. The base raid script is roughly Heroic raid difficulty. Note that this is sort of an approximation, the tank scripts are more relative, and you are meant to adjust the difficulty up and down. If you are trying to simulation toughness, we recommend adjusting it until you have a non-zero death chance, at least 15% or so, and no more than 50%. Otherwise you won’t get as useful comparisons of how much things impact your toughness.

For M+, we would also recommend turning on a couple of the Affixes, like Fortified.

I think this helps me a lot because I really didnt know that. I get that everything is super subject to change to variables but knowing where the sim starts, helps me guage the content I can handle (At least with my 230 Prot Warrior) My 210 DK needs some more work and I think I can handle the homework myself ‘knowing’ that the tool isnt designs for LFR and some Normal content.

If I had to make a suggestion, a small one… maybe place a few labels in places (like the sim and how its “Roughly Heroic Raid” and not just “Raid.” (EDIT: I feel silly now because clicking the Raid script clearly states “Heroic”.) I just never bothered looking at scripts. Kinda a click and go kinda player lol

You response really helps me start looking at things from a new light though, I knew to dial back toughness toward DPS until death chance was near 0, just didnt know what scale it was originating from.

Thanks for your time yellowfive!

np – note you can put a negative NPC damage multiplier to get down to e.g. normal difficulty as well.