Covenant Conduits Disappearing


I’m tanking on a Prot Paladin this tier and as such I will be swapping between Kyrian and Venthyr for raid vs M+ content. In doing this and optimizing gear for each (prioritizing Venthyr raid gear), when I Ctrl + C my AMR string while Venthyr, it forgets my Kyrian conduits and vice versa. Is there a mistake I’m making or is this inherent to the AMR optimizer? If the latter, may be worth considering implementing a way to store covenant conduits between sets. This is particularly inconveniencing when I’m running keys to target specific raid gear, and upgrading my AMR gear inventory while out and about will recommend less optimized gear to target due to conduit gaps.

In case it helps, here’s my snapshot ID: a4e1c1aa13324d0d91f3653154139566


I’ll have to look into that… the in-game API for reading soulbind and conduit information is not very good. It must be indicating that the covenant-specific conduit is not known/available for covenants that are not your active covenant, and thus it is getting removed from the list of known conduits.

I’ll try to figure out a way around this in the next update.

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I did a quick update that should resolve the issue – you will probably need to export your character once with each covenant active though to get it to cache the unlocked conduit rank of each covenant-specific conduit.

After doing that once, it will remember the last-seen rank even when you switch covenants.

That was quick! Much appreciated, all the hard work y’all do to keep everything up to date and functional!

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