Covenant Guidance

I just saw that wowhead posted a guide to covenants. They say it’s going to be updated weekly. Does AMR plan on offering covenant guidance, as well? Since the Shadowlands launch is the week of Thanksgiving, I anticipate leveling up pretty quickly, so I’ll have to decide on a covenant pretty soon. I’d sure appreciate some help in choosing the right one*.


*Unless it’s the Venthyr. This panda is really worried about ending up ON the menu at one of their parties… :panda_face:

I want to help people pick covenants - but I don’t think it is a choice that is appropriate for the “optimizer”. The simulator is a good tool to measure the relative value of the covenants, but the value will shift dramatically based on what you are simulating. Single target training dummy (“Patchwerk”) simulations are going to be of very limited value in covenant evaluation, imo. Our mythic+ script will be a decent indicator for that play situation. I want to make scripts for many of the new raid bosses, but I can’t really do that until I have logs, so it’s a bit of a chicken and the egg problem.

I have sunk a ridiculous amount of time into testing on the beta and pouring over the simulator, so, I do actually have some first hand experience of every covenant ability. My hope is to have enough time to make some blog posts to help people decide what covenant they might want to use.

From what I am seeing, blizzard has decided to reduce the power of covenant abilities to a point where you won’t really feel too bad no matter what choice you make. Which kind of sucks on the one hand… but it also helps solve their problem on the other hand. I will try to make a specific point of highlighting outliers if they make it through balancing. I’m going to have a vastly different perspective than the writers for wowhead, especially on tanking and healing… so you can use my opinions as another data point in your decision.

Also, feel free to just start a discussion about specific covenants or specs on the forum here - I could spitball on them with you if you want my input before I can do something “formal”

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A quick update for you: Swol just wrote a blog post about picking covenants. It has a different format that a typical covenant guide and I think it’s quite helpful. Here’s the link:

Is the 'bot going to advise me what my optimal soulbind and conduits should be after I’ve chosen a covenant? Or just conduits only?

It will optimize both - we treat the entire soulbind path, including traits and conduits, as a “solution”

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