Covenant Selection Seems Stuck in Upgrade Finder

Before I forget, here is my snapshot ID:

I finally bit the bullet and switched covenants. This led me to wonder if I should switch legendaries, as well. So I consulted the Upgrade Finder and… I’m confused.

I’ll start with my top priority spec - DPS Single. Upgrade Finder says that Xuen’s Treasure is my best legendary and Best In Bags agrees that I should use it - so far, so good. Then I was curious how Bountiful Brew (the Necrolord covenant legendary) compares, so I started looking down the Upgrade Finder list. That’s when things started to go sideways. I see a positive score for the Sinister Teachings (the Venthyr covenant legendary), but a zero score for the Bountiful Brew. Strange…

Moving on to my next spec, DPS Multi, things get even weirder. Upgrade Finder says my best legendary is Keefer’s Skyreach (which is REALLY dangerous to use, by the way). Again, Sinister Teachings has a positive score and Bountiful Brew has a zero score. On a whim, I crafted Bountiful Brew anyway. The bonedust brew is supposed to be very powerful for multi-target, so I just had to give it a try. When I ran it through Best in Bags, it told me to use Bountiful Brew. That makes sense to me, but I’m still curious why the Upgrade Finder scored it at zero.

There’s a slightly different situation with my next set, which is Tank Raid. Best in Bags tells me to use Shaohao’s Might, but the Upgrade Finder says my best choice is Charred Passions. It also gives Sinister Teachings a positive score, and Bountiful Brew a zero score.

My last set, Tank Dungeon, sees agreement between Best in Bags and Upgrade Finder with respect to which legendary to use. Though it still gives Sinister Teachings a positive score and Bountiful Brew a zero score.

I should mention all four of the sets above have Necrolord selected as the covenant.

I do have a 5th set, which is just for grinding out renown in Torghast. That set has the covenant set to Venthyr, which I’m thinking may be the source of the problem. I guess I could delete that set and see what happens. But I wanted to run all this past you first and see what you think. It’s pretty strange, no? It just seems like the Upgrade Finder is stuck with the covenant set to Venthyr.

Korra (aka Bill)

I can take a look… could be an issue with the fact that each setup can have a different covenant now, which may not be the covenant your character currently has when you imported it. It might be using your character’s covenant (which it sees as venthyr) rather than the setup’s covenant, which is set to necrolord.

I should have added that I was Venthyr when I ran all this. Your explanation seems perfectly logical. So I tested it by switching back to Necrolord. Here’s the snapshot ID:

Still some weird stuff going on:
DPS Single: Now BiB says to use Bountiful Brew, which seems plausible. But UF still scores Sinister Teachings at 2.43% and Bountiful Brew at 0%.
DPS Multi: Same as DPS Single, except Sinister Teachings scored at 3.57%.
Tank Raid: BiB and UF agree to use Shaohao’s Might. Now Bountiful Brew is scored at 2.9% and Sinister Teachings at 0%.
Tank Dungeon: Same as Tank Raid except Bountiful Brew is scored at 5%.

So… still some strangeness going on. I’m sure double legendaries in 9.2 is going to make this problem even more complicated. Thanks for looking in to let. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help debug.


I was able to reproduce the problem – it was what I thought, the legendary upgrade finder search was always using your current covenant rather than the covenant specified on the chosen setup. The other upgrade finder searches were all using the proper covenant from the setup.

When we do our 9.2 patch preview update, we’ll have a fix for this along with that. We expect that update to be soon, next day or two.