Covenent Armor Ranking


I was tring to use the gear check and upgrade finder to findout if rank 7 covernant armor would benefit my character more than LFR gear, or some normal raid pieces, or what level of mythic plus I would have to complete in order to get upgrades. I cannot seem to find any of the rank 7 covenant armor pieces to even compare. Will this be added soon, or am I missing it somehow?

I don’t think that I have all the versions of the covenant armor available in the lists to pick from… I can look into adding that.

Thank you, I would really appreciate it. It would really help me concentrate my time on what to grind for gear upgrades.

I was just looking at the Covenant armour upgrade article on Icy-Veins and wondered if there was anyway of including the upgraded items in an optimiser to see if they would represent an upgrade - before spending the Anima.

I assume they are looked at already when optimising, but it would be magic if we could look at weather a level 7 piece represents and upgrade or, at what level it becomes and upgrade to current gear.

Or am I missing something about comparing it?

Once I add the variants, you can use the item list on Best in Slot, or the “Add to my bag” upgrade finder search to check if a covenant armor item is an upgrade.