Crafted gear in add-on

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Newly hit 60, and I had a set of crafted gear from one of my other toons - one of each of the eight crafted pieces - equipped. Copy it into the Optimiser.

  • none of the items show up in the gear I have equipped appear in my current set up
  • none of the crafted items appear in as Best in Bags, despite them clearly being superior to anything else I own.

Why does the Optimiser not recognise the crafted lvl 151 at all?

I have worked around this problem on every single alt, but now I just want to know why AMR doesn’t seem to be able to cope with shadowlands crafted gear.

The iL151 items show up in the upgrade finder, so AMR (as a system) KNOWS about them; why they don’t get acknowledged as part of your inventory is another thing.

Please can you confirm that you are using the most up to date version of the add-on, if only for sanity’s sake?

Aside from that, I have exhausted my options & would defer to @yellowfive or @Swol for developer level details.

On the off-chance that something is amiss at item affix/id level, could you possibly supply (as current as is possible) an export data string to support the case?

Thank you in advance & I hope the bottom of this gets reached.

Thanks. I updated to latest version of add-on, which fixed the issue. I guess I missed a recent update. Much appreciated you looking into this for me.