Crafted item - Embellissement difference

Hello !

Looking to craft a chest. I have a choice between this one:

And this one :

Maybe it’s a tooltip difference. But the “Allied Heartwarming Fur Coat” seems overall better. In wowhead someone said : “Verdant Tether” is giving max 167 to 334 versa to (1+1) ppl. Where the fur give 552 to (1+4). So unless the RPM is very different il doesn’t make mutch sens to me.
Does it ?

The average uptime on the Verdant Tether is much higher, so they aren’t that far from each other (15 sec buff, 2.2 rppm vs 10 sec buff, 1 rppm). We also only consider the gain for yourself right now, not your allies – most people don’t care much about anything that can’t be measured as a personal performance gain in a log.

If you do care about the gain to your allies, the second one would be better by a little bit.

Those items also have different secondary stats, which could be affecting the ranking.

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Yeah completly agree fuck everyone else ! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will see if i get one or the other