Crazy BiB suggestion after pre-patch for resto druid

Crazy BiB suggestions for resto druid after pre-patch. My druid was 978 iLvL full mythic Antorus set geared. Now, when I try renew chars information about my BiB, I got suggestions to replace all set with set from Tomb of Sargeras! Do You think that is normaly?! I havent any good words about that “great” site work! I have near 5 years payed subscription on site, but very often can see only stupid solutions on site. Sorry… I`m very nervous by that…
The link to my druid:
Resto driud BiB suggestions

I would need the string of data that you copy from the addon to the website to see what you are seeing.

The pre-patch gearing strategies are definitely more of a “ballpark” than our usual strategies that are more accurate – we are busily working on the BfA optimizer.

Just looking at it real quick… seems the 4-piece t20 set bonus may be estimated unusually high. We can look at that and see why it came out so high, tone it down a bit for this pre-patch period. You can also make this change yourself by customizing the strategy and reducing the value of the t20 4-piece bonus.

OK I adjusted it – try re-importing and optimize your resto druid again, see if it looks better now.

Thank You for answer and exquse me for so emotional post… I`ll check You suggestions at the evening, after returning from my job:)

Thank You ones more. I was checking and NOW all BiB suggestions are correct.:wink: