Crit for prot pally?

Hi all,

Can someone explain why I’m getting suggestions for crit for a prot pally for Full Tough and M+ (M12) settings. I can’t think of a worse secondary, and when you look at the stats I have crit 1, haste 2, mastery a long way behind in 3. I would have thought gemming and enchanting crit would have been at the bottom of the list…



While I can’t answer your question I can tell you that you’ll get a much better response if you include your addon export (from WoW to website), that way the AMR team can reproduce what you’re seeing.

Also list which order you have your specs set. :slight_smile:

I have Raid full prot and a M+12 as my first 2.

Please tell me how to post my addon export and where to do it and I’ll head to the forums.


Just paste it into the forum here, bonus points for putting into Preformatted text, or even


a summary!


I am having the very same issue with my prot pally and would very much like an explanation. :slightly_smiling_face:

If I set the Optimizer to Mythic all TUF, it tells me to add more Mastery in the rightmost column however the suggestions are to put all crit gems and enchants. This is confusing.
It looks like the suggestions are for damage rather than TUF that I have prioritized.

The order of my specs are protection before retribution.

Addon export

79;EU;Steamwheedle Cartel;Stenai;Synedrion;8;2;120;58;13:175,7:175,15:950,12:175,1:175;2;.s1;19;2331323;;.s2;20;1212221;0.25.4_1.7.2;.s3;21;1233113;0.28.3_1.27.3;.q1;157894s5b1562b3224b624a272976a5629a-7069a-2940;102s3b-3863b3228b10b681a13245a-13245a-4618;79s2b-3920b3383b7b878;77s11b-4272b3243b18e5940;1s14b-3271b3254b17;2s13b-3271b3252b19;2823s17b-3251b3229b22;2329s9b-3236b3216b343;148s7b-5084b1520b3224b340;3s10b-3564b3224b339e-7;2s8b-3558b3216b343;1s6b-3564b3224b340;419s16b-3564b3224b339e31;1668s1b-3618b3268b11b36b592a8998a5629a-7048a-2961a-4618;135s12b-3847b3219b17;990s15b-3246b3224b22;.q2;155884s15b1597b3186b19b204x168640;2016s3b-3399b3168b11b1479a272976a7431a-508a-15937a16;58s5b-4658b3168b11b1477a11499a4952a-12764a772a-4459;3s1b-4656b3168b11b1478a8998a7453a-8889a16189a-23751;114s2b-4678b3346b1b1383;80s13b-4739b3207b19b1062;159s11b-4263b3181b225e5940;4s12b-3416b3194b221e0;1095s10b-3410b3186b223e-7;12s9b-3409b3189b222;17s6b-3411b3189b222;183s14b-4968b1527b3219b222;8s16b-3421b3196b223b849e32;2822s17b-4248b3179b17;6596s7b-3331b3307b5b1081;1092s8b-4358b3279b16b1491b7x0;.q3;155884s15b1597b3186b19b204x168640;2015s7b-3399b3177b18b1b1057x-14933;30s1b-4253b3168b11b1478a273473a317a-5911a715a-4616;3s3b-4672b3183b11b632a22412a-7773a-12437a13837a-16039;143s2b-3832b3346b1b1383;60s16b-4709b3179b17e5965;179s12b-3201b3181b225e-25;1094s5b-3421b3188b11b633b29a14639a7612a-22242a-25a16;5s10b-3851b3186b223e-7;12s9b-3409b3189b222;202s13b-3421b3199b220;7928s14b-3524x13965y1077z-117p4786;1131s6b215b4107x4;316s11b-4192b3174b17e7;1141s8b-3296b3279b16b1491b7x4;.ess;4_2;5_1;7_2;12_2;13_1;17_1;20_2;22_2;25_4;27_3;28_3;.inv;3829;13353e3273;1385;452;13550;0;3;4;1244;4043;2909;5245;3871;436;1;2;948;755;0;12371;1;6681;534;0;17;10812;3136;561;1073;0;183;4439;2273;110;1;66;0;0;0;0;0;248;4181;5548;41;3085;866;0;819;523;961;3121;1782;803;157;974;702;242;3;47;310;2244;33b737b806x151005y4z-4p1542p1794p59q-1843q1785q59r-1844r1784r61;2940;0;0;0;1;0;0;33;99;48;25;0;312;8;17;210;3682;96;54;147;8;1;164b-808b798x-10963y10970z-7p-1910p337p1704q-1981q1789q61r-1845r1784r61;43b-797b807x292y-286z1333p-1895p2026p45q-1996q1760q59r-1924r2056r86;2039;839;0;770;1062;127;9;3;1;5;1;2;31;40;2547;35;1265;1135;38;360;608;381;28;7;814;433;159;47;1676;0;3386;43;694;54;4059;0;4;749;195;0;0;0;1;0;0;30;1;1;1;1;1;1;27;3;0;0;52;10;27;144;1;26;211;395;45;638;1;35;733;0;0;0;1;0;0;1;0;0;939;23b49b3194b221;2038b-3400b3177b18b1b1057x1363;28b-4253b3179b17;2b-3196b3168b11b1478a273473a317a-5911a715a-4616;3b-4672b3183b11b632a11499a4933a-14230a-2218a16;0b-3826b3194b632;0b-3826b3183b11b632a22412a-7773a-12437a13837a-16039;32b-3826b3194b632;1b-3846b3213b18;144b-3196b3179b17e2692;26b-3196b3179b17e0;179b-3216b3199b220;53b-3434b3211b225;549;377b-3421b3199b220;115b-3419b3188b11b633b29a14639a7612a-22242a-25a16;3b-5407b1541b3201b219b853;9b-4273b3201b227;46;161b-3423b3199b220;159;1;39;227;107v120b-3329b3119;138;0;100;1;1;79;39;187;4;1;1;1;23;0;372b-3214b3203b18;1350b-3196b3179b17;4;54;2;519;188;519;135b-4761b1565b3179b339;1139;471b-3608b3258b11b340b290a8920a2598a-11388a4329a-4459;7b-5375b1476b3269b340;64b-3604b3264b13;7b-3267b3251b16e-20;95b-3192b3179b17;4b-3216b3196b20b1047;38;245;898;42;82;1;1;1;39;47;12;4;2;0;478b-4368x13965y1077z-117p1172;7;0;0;131;167;13;312;0;0;0;30;1;1;5;80;1;8;16;108;210;0;0;1;8;3;29b215b4107x4;56b-4343b3325;2b-3325b4388b470;1b-4858b3325;3b-3325b3325;1b-3325b3325;2b-3325b4400b459;5b-4848b3314;76;77b-3314b3314;56b-4746b1432b3307b7;13b-3314b3307b7;24b-3174b3174b17e-5;5b-3191b3174b17;2b-3191b3174b17e4;48b-3331b3307b7;7b-3314b3307b7;97b-3314b3307b7;119;52;1;0;1;117;0;19;15;3b-3284b3284b1506b8;3;119;155;91;22;228b-6260b1467b3279b1507b7;66;6;8;7;7;275

When I optimize your character with Mythic+ strategy, set to All Defense, I don’t see it recommending crit gems or enchants. It recommends mastery.

Perhaps you have some different settings? Like different talents or major essence than what your character had equipped in that export?

Thank you for answering. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have tried different browsers just to eliminate some kind of caching problem. Same result.

Uploading some screen captures to show what I see.

First is the setup which probably is exactly the same for you.

Hm, I can only post one image so I will follow up to myself and hope I can post some more…

And the result

Selecting the Damage radio button gives this

I have been using AMR for quite some time and this is the first time I have seen something I cannot understand.

Thanks – yeah looks like you had different talents selected, now I see the same thing. It probably only happens with Seraphim builds.

I have a couple tweaks that should make it not do that as often, but the short version of why it is doing that: using the Mythic+ simulation and your talents and gear, replacing some of your mastery with critical strike simulates to just about the same value.

I would have to do some analysis to give you a more in-depth answer to why that is (other than “the data says so”), but off the top of my head: crit really isn’t a bad toughness stat for protection paladins, particularly with Seraphim where you are hurting for SotR charges. More crit helps with that. There’s probably some point that the simulator is finding where getting a bit of crit helps out more than stacking extra mastery for toughness.

Given access to any gear in the game (e.g. running Best in Slot), it will probably go more Mastery in an all-toughness build. But limited to only what you have in your bags… sometimes there is a “local” solution that is of similar or higher value. The optimizer is good at finding these “unusual” or non-obvious gear combos.

Aha, now I see the problem! It’s me. :upside_down_face:

I have always wrongly assumed that the talents on the setup were also exported to AMR so therefore I have not paid much attention to the talents displayed on the setup screen. It turn out to not be the same as I really use in game.

So, correcting my talents gives me a much better result.

You got me into the right track by talking about Seraphim which didn’t felt like my build at all.

Thank you.

This is odd, using the settings from your first screenshot I get different results:

I did notice that the essence in your screenshot is R2 but in the export you’ve got the R3 version.

Just saw your last reply.
The talents are set for the profile you’re optimising so you can set up multiple profiles for the one spec.
Glad you’ve got that sorted now, no idea why I get a different result though.

I did an update to a few strategies today – I re-ran some data for paladins with Seraphim builds, so the stat balance is slightly shifted now for the all-toughness setting.