Crucible of Flame vs Breath of the Dying

Its interesting choice that sim suggest me for multi-target as minor.

Currently i have:
Rank 4 The Crucible of Flame
Rank 1 Breath of the Dying

My char is Unholy DK 1111332 440 ilvl

Last time i’m grinding Mechagon Workshop for VoP and gear so i used one time CoF4 and another time BotD1

When sim suggest me to use that first as minor, then BotD even on rank 1 doing in practice 300%-500% more damage during whole run, because trash dying too fast to get full damage from DoT.

Even on boss fight damage was 300% bigger on BotD.

Then why CoF is recommended?

I’m not a king of M+, but that difference is quite huge :smiley:

The suggestions are based on average values over thousands and thousands of fights. The fights we simulate do not have adds that die in 5 seconds - they live longer than that as they would in content difficult for your gear.

If your in-game experience is significantly different than what we simulated, the suggestions will diverge from what you see in-game - no getting around that. We try to simulate a representative fight for content that is difficult. Easier content with adds blowing up won’t require as much gear optimization so we aren’t concerned if the suggestions aren’t optimized for that situation.

Also, you would have to run the same dungeon hundreds of times doing the pulls exactly the same with exactly the same group to determine an empirical difference between two setups within any reasonable margin of error. Running a dungeon once with one setup and then once with another… is not a fair comparison. All that being said - it’s a video game - use the one you like more :wink:

it wasn’t once… Maybe 5-6 times with each one on the same dung :smiley:

Like I said - if adds aren’t living more than a few seconds, a DoT won’t provide as much damage as it would otherwise, on average. In my experience, ancient flame does very good damage - usually better than a rank 1 breath of the undying.

Then maybe you should add option to choose “Fight Length” like in classic version? This should get rid of these types of problems.

The retail version of WoW is significantly more complex, you’re suggesting they run millions of simulations to generate data for trivial content.
There’s no point in doing that as you’re beating it anyway.

Also there’s a chance that BiB is picking if for the Corruption Resistance not because of the damage it does.

It’s not problem only with that. It is able to suggest me even unpractical Last Suprise, that allow my ghouls to explode after dead, but most of them explode few seconds after my trash died… xD For that reason i exclude most of DoTs and damage after time effects, because instant damage is more practical :smiley: