Crucible Patch Bug Fixes

We just posted an update that fixes a few bugs with last night’s big Netherlight Crucible update.

  • Fixed an issue with BiB export and optimization for characters who do not have relics in all their artifacts yet
  • Fixed an issue with the “not previewed” indicator showing up even if you have previewed all relics
  • Fixed an error in the simulator related to the crucible
  • Fixed a bug in the addon with previewing relics: fixed in version 54 or higher

Still working on:

  • Some BiB optimizations are very slow if you have a lot of previewed relics
  • Loading from the Armory blows away any crucible data that you previously imported via the addon… the Armory still has no crucible support, so we have to work around that

Just posted another update that should hopefully resolve the slow loading/optimizations. Please let us know if you have a case where it is still timing out, and please post your addon export string and any relevant settings we should know about to reproduce your case.

I can’t seem to use the BiB feature now that I’ve updated
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

ticket number: 0d7c5cae-17c1-4ce2-b294-f62c1823b56f

To fix this problem you need to clear your web browser’s cache (not sure which element of the cache was the problem… most likely the cookies). Once I did that, the error should go away.

I just posted another update a few minutes ago that I think should resolve it. Refresh your web page, import from the addon again, and try again – sorry for the trouble!

Does Armory import not seeming to support NC implementation, hamstring it being used on AMR…? Whenever I update from Armory, the NC ‘factor’ of the weapon I refresh doesn’t get ‘seen’…

The Armory does not support the Netherlight Crucible. You will need to use our addon to get that information.

Ahh - thanks… wasn’t aware of that.
Armory update sometimes helped stabilise running BiB, but since NC it used to trash the Crucible data… now I know why.

I’m still seeing the “not previewed” indicator even when I have previewed all relics.

I can get it to go away if I completely leave the page and redo my addon import.