Curiosity about how Stagger is summarized in Brewmaster Sims

I’ve been trying to figure out how much Stagger damage is being purified in some of my Brewmaster sims. A concrete example link is:

Stagger looks like it’s represented as two bars; it seems like the top one is some function of how much Stagger absorbed, and the bottom one is some function of how much damage it did back to you. My question is why the ratio between the two is so small when there is no purifying going on.

The blog post about TUF says: “The by-spell breakdown that you see on the simulation result report is total negation contributed by each ability. A few decisions had to be made about how to divide up the value between simultaneously active sources of negation”. Is this phenomenon with stagger related to how the incoming damage is divided up? If so, is there a way I can look at a sim result and figure out how much of Stagger is being purified?

It looks like your script is running into a bug in the simulator with stagger, since you have multiple damage events happening at the exact same time which also happen at the exact same time stagger wants to tick. I’ll try to fix that - dealing with all the edge cases around stagger is challenging to say the least.