Current Addon Not Available on CurseForge

Hi. When Twitch moved the Addon Marketplace to CurseForge, the current version of the AMR Addon didn’t make the move. I use your product for Classic, so I have a paid membership that I can’t use because the current downloadable addon from (Listed as v2) gives an “Out of Date” error on Character Import.

When will we have current Addon Support for Classic?

I’ll do an update that bumps the version number – even though it says out of date, the current version should work just fine though.

It’s preventing import. I’ll pull the new version. Thanks for the quick response.

Could you describe the error in more detail? Are you getting an error in-game with the addon, or on the website when you try to import your string from the game? If the latter, could you post the string here for me to try it out?