Current Gear is better than AMR BiS (sim)

Hey all,
Out of interest, I had the R1 DUDU tank optimized by AMR (BiS). M + All TuF.
In the sim it turned out that he had less heal, dps and tuf with AMR (BiS) than with his current gear.
am I doing something wrong or how can it be that his current gear performs better than the AMR BiS?
best wishes :slight_smile:

We need more info to respond to this. Post a snapshot id and we can see your BiS as you have it set up.

Directions to make a snapshot:

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I do a mistake. I sim BiS and current All TuF at M+15.
i think all TuF is at M+23 or higher. If i sim current and BiS at m+ 25-
AMR BiS is better.
Sorry for asking but i‘m new with AMR
Thank you for your time :slight_smile: