Current gear problem/comparing same gear but different talent

Currently all i want to do is, import my current gear, create a second set with same gear but diff talents and compare the hps of both sets

the problem: importing keeps the old gear on and not the current gear. i’ve reset wtf cache deleted addon cleared browser cookies/cache will not show the literal current gear equiped

Usually you can resolve this by going in-game and doing the following:

For each of your specs:

  1. Activate the spec.
  2. Put on your gear for that spec.

After doing that for all of your specs, then export. The addon will now have saved the last gear that you equipped for each spec, and it will show up on the website after doing an import.

Also – make sure not to use the Armory if you are using the addon.

sounds like i was tired been at this all day for what ever reason what you said clicked and i got what i wanted really appreciate it