Currently equipped gear affects BiB results

I would expect the results of BiB to be independent of the currently equipped gear, but I occasionally encounter situations where equipping the BiB-recommended set results in further changes to BiB results. For instance, here I’m wearing my “Raiding” set and running BiB for my “Doom Winds” set: f3964546330442fea0c5b4cbe58d70b1
After equipping the recommend items, the BiB results for “Doom Winds” changes slightly: 0f9581ed8d594dd0a0221101f9c7bf7d
Even more surprising is that the BiB results for “Raiding” has also changed! Is this apparent interaction between currently equipped gear and BiB results expected? Thanks!

It’s rare, but it can theoretically happen. Usually the two different solutions will be very close in value – close enough that there is no reasonable way to determine which would actually perform better in-game.

If it happens all the time, or if the two different sets seems significantly different in value, post a help snapshot ID here (by clicking the “help” link near the BiB section header, then Create Support Post) and we can take a closer look.

From my experience: usually this happens when you reluctant in complete Robot’s recommendations on enchants gems or shards. When Robot see it - it’s get upset but will try to recommend you best with things you geared and since base values are changed the new bis can pick a different approach (like add more crit instead of haste)