Custoimzed 7.2 Artifact Path

We have an automated system to find the best way to spend your points after the base 35. Mr. Robot goes through all combinations that spend 42 points, and chooses the one that does the most DPS. From there, he spends each remaining point in the node that gives you the most bang for your buck in a ‘greedy’ approach.

Here’s a short blog post that includes a video tutorial.

If you have questions, or something seems odd - feel free to ask before spending your points.

Thank you for putting this in! Having this available on day 1 of the patch was exactly what I needed.

Thank you!

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It does not seem to tell me any artifact level beyond pre 7.2 even though it shows the new ones and I have already finished the artifact quest for this spec in game and invested points into the new artifact nodes.
Is it not yet fully updated? Or am I missing something?
I’m talking about the “Artifact Path” recommendation tool and I used it after updating addon import and doing best in bags.

EDIT: Note when I go to Edit Character the popup that shows my selected talents also shows my correct artifact level and invested points. So why does the artifact path calculator not?

Thank you for this cool new feature, really like it.

But! I have some questions. I noticed some inconsistencies with what is the tooltip of some relics and what is written underneath it as spell effects (I guess this is what is used in your calulations).

For example:

  • Fatebringer:
  • Tooltip: Reduces the Energy cost of finishing moves by 1.
  • Spell Effects: Decrease Power Cost -2
  • Sabremetrics:
  • Tooltip: Increases the critical strike damage of Saber Slash by 5%.
  • Spell Effects: Increase Critical Damage Bonus +10%

Frost Mage:

  • Let it Go:
  • Tooltip: … Crit damage by +4%
  • Spell Effects: … Crit damage by +5%

These are just some examples, the list goes on.

Should I be worried by these inconsistencies? If not, what do they even mean? Why have some relics none at all? I’m a bit afraid these cause major wrong calculations on your end.

Those have to be run for each spec and we haven’t done that yet. If you go to the simulator, and change the ‘sim type’ from ‘single run’ to ‘7.2 artifact’ you’ll get a customized one. The video in the blog post is short and does a walk through of how to do it :slight_smile:

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Fatebringer was specifically called out in the patch 7.2 patch notes as now reducing energy by 1 per rank instead of 2. There are a couple of changes that were in the patch notes which seem to be live, but that the data-mined spell data doesn’t reflect yet. If you or anyone else has in-game testing that shows it is still 2 per rank, let me know.

Sabremetrics is an “extra” crit damage multiplier of 10%, which is effectively a 5% crit damage multiplier. We have a document somewhere that explains the difference between the two - no idea why blizzard has two different kinds.

I’m not sure what blizzard’s actual intent is for Let it Go… and it is hard to test it exactly in-game because of the damage range on ice lance. For now I’m matching what the tooltip says under the assumption that is what is actually happening. The spell data suggests 5% extra crit damage multiplier, which is effectively 2.5% crit damage per rank. The tooltip says 4% per rank.

Ok, so, I cast a few hundred Ice Lances - and I didn’t see any Crit’s that are outside of what I would expect with a 4% per rank crit multiplier. It is definitely higher than a 5% extra crit multiplier (effective 2.5%), since I did get some crits that are outside that range.

So, I’m going to stick with 4% per rank for Let it Go, as the tooltip implies. I don’t know how the spell data mined from the client can be different from what the spells actually do… that’s beyond my knowledge, since I’m not the one that mines the client.

I noticed this with feral druids and ww monks as well. The buff to tiger palm, blackout kick, and rising sun kick mentioned in the notes is definitely in the game (I have a 110 monk and tested it as well), but the spell data was not modified to reflect it. Feral druid damage was buffed by 4% like the patch notes said, but the spell data doesn’t reflect that either.