Custom Batch sim hung

I have had trouble getting a sim to stop running. I started up a custom batch swapping in all the legendaries (including the new 7.2.5 ones), but forgot to change the sim version to 7.2.5, so I think it’s probably hung up somewhere on a new spell interaction or something. I used the Clear Queue command in the client, but the sim seems to be pretty stubborn, and keep restarting when I reboot the client. This happened last week on a different sim, but that time it was resolved by a new client version releasing and invalidating the queued simulation.

The sim in question is


Yeah sometimes one piece of a batch simulation won’t clear out, still working on the best way to make the clear operation pick that one up too.

Should I just give it CPU time and see if it finishes at some point then?

I think yellow is working on a fix for this. I think once the current chunk finishes, your client won’t be tied up anymore. It’s tricky to get that current chunk cleared out of the queue.