Custom Boss Scripts?

Is there any documentation or tutorials on creating custom boss scripts?

It’s been a month since Tomb released and still no updates for healers, spent today trying to create a custom boss script to ball park one of the new bosses and it’s been a frustrating failure. Even seemingly simple things like getting an add to spawn or getting multiple boss abilities to trigger at once has been less than fruitful.

While there seems to be a fair bit of documentation on the APL, there doesn’t seem to be anything beyond the tooltips for the boss script pages.

Anyone got any links to info?

We don’t have any documentation on it yet. It is not a particularly user-friendly interface to use, but once you get the hang of it, it’s usable.

I am finishing up the mythic+ healing script and rotations today - just have one more spec to finish. Then I need to decide what would be a good fight to do for ToS. KJ might be the hardest fight to heal, but it’s also a long fight and the simulations would take forever. So, I might try to find a shorter fight that is also challenging.

If you hit us up with specific questions, we can try to help you make your custom script.