Custom Gearing Strategy

I’m having trouble figuring out how to add a custom gearing strategy (I’ve done it in the past, but something must have changed).

I use Create a Strategy in the setup for BiB. Then I set everything up and run the gearing strategy simulation. I get the report, but then I can’t figure out how to get it to appear as selection in BiB. My old custom strategies still show up, but none of the new ones. I tried adding it to favorites, but that didn’t seem to do the trick.

Hi !
Did you save it under a name when you get the result ?
Their is a buttom in my souvenir “Save and use”

I did save it, but I don’t see that button. The only buttons are “Rename Report” and “Re-run Simulation”

Can you link it to me so i can show you ? or find it ? (i dont have any custom gearing currently)

I’m not sure if the custom gearing strategies will work anymore with all the stuff that has been added to the game in this patch. We need to revisit those and see what we can do with them to make them functional again.

Ok that makes sense. Does that mean I should avoid using my old saved custom strategies as well?

Just for some context as to why I’m using a custom strategy. I’m basically using it to help with my pvp gear. I’ve setup a custom rotation and fight to simulate the approximate conditions that I care about. I know that it doesn’t account for cases where spells behave differently in pvp, but so far I’ve found it useful enough over the default strategies.

Old custom gearing strategies will not adjust for (or rank) essences, or any items with special effects added in 8.2.

After we get the rest of the 8.2 stuff squared away, I plan to revisit and update the custom strategy generation for cases like yours, where you want to generate some rankings based on a custom rotation.

In the mean time, you’re probably better off using our provided strategies, then one of the customization options (and/or some locking of particular items) to push it towards a different stat and/or preferred azerite trait for PvP. We also plan to beef up the customization options as well, which may even replace the need/desire for a custom strategy entirely by giving you more easy and flexible options to control the optimizer.