Custom gearing strats

Hello! I was wondering if there are plans to allow custom gearing strats again. I know that the provided Strats should be fine but I really used to enjoy making custom strats. I usually tank so I would put my actual rotation into the Strat which sometimes led to minor gear suggestion changes. Thanks!

No, sorry. Because of how the game has evolved, we have had to put a rather involved layer of calculations over the top of the simulation data to get our gearing strategies to work well. There isn’t a good way for us to do that on top of a small user-generated set of data.

Instead we added in the customization feature that lets you tweak many aspects of our default gearing strategy. You could do some simulations with your own rotation and then test a subset of the gear to come up with how you’d tweak it - like adjusting certain powers, trinkets, stats, etc.