Custom Stat values too low


First of all love AMR! Thanks for such a great tool.

Today I wanted to bring up the custom secondary stats options.

It’s really hard to fine tune this with such low allowed stats. Even last season the 250 cap and 2k weight really made it a guessing game to try and tweak out the aimed for statistics.

Is it possible to update this part of the application so it’s easier to honestly pick your ideal weights?

It would really be appreciated!


We can update the total – note that it’s just the ratio that matters, the values are there because most people find it a bit more intuitive. The ratio will get scaled up/down to the total stats available with your gear and options.


:slight_smile: Sounds awesome thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah, I follow sites like murlok which more or less gives a rough estimate of the avg stats. Granted they are on the higher end of gear it’s about 2500 points.

I updated it to use 2800 stats (which is roughly what you could get in max-level gear).

I think that you’ll find the optimizer gets pretty close to the same results that you would see on a site like that, and is generally tailored to your specific case a bit better (the stat totals on a site like that could be skewed based on the particular items that are popular, which might not necessarily reflect the actual best combination of raw stats).

Nothing wrong with customizing it, but might be worth running the optimizer without the stat customization and see what it does, then customize it from there if the results are a lot different than what you want.

Yeah, it gets all sorts of bonkers using it under that level right now.
I gave it a shot and decided to wait until I reach closer to that ilvl.

:slight_smile: Thanks yellow

That item level is just for display – it doesn’t change the behavior. Your item level shouldn’t matter for the customize stats feature.