Custom Stat weight help

Ever since the site changed layouts I’ve been confused. I love the BiB feature to import into the addon to switch gear automatically with specs. However, BiB now simulates high stats but removes my 4-piece tier. I have tried to make a custom strategy with stat weights imported from RaidBots but I’m not sure how to add extra weight to having 4-piece bonus and certain legionaries.

Every time I add a number, (whether that be 10000, 100, 50, or whatever) BiB still sims without my 4-piece or selected legionaries. is there something I’m missing? Thanks for the help

If your stat weights are normalized to DPS, you need to enter a value for the set bonus or legendary effect that reflects how much DPS it would give you. 10,000 DPS is a really low number for a set bonus or legendary effect. If you want to force the optimizer to pick it, you would put in a much larger number, like 50,000 or 100,000.

Do a simulation with the set bonus enabled and then another simulation without it enabled (without changing anything else) and then you can get a ballpark estimate for how good that set bonus is.

As an aside: Using stat weights calculated with the stat scaling in simc (raidbots is just a front end for simc) is not going to work well with BiB, assuming your goal is to end up with a set of gear that simulates to higher DPS than your current set of gear. The gearing strategies that we create are much more comprehensive and will shuffle all your items around to increase your simulated DPS. You can always lock in your preferred legendary items or set items and then let it optimize around that.