Custom Stat Weights & Gear Filter - Not working?

Okay so two things. First of all, I’m trying to use my own stat weights, simply to build a set to use specific stats (PvP, mostly). I know how AMR likes to use their own strategies, but I don’t need that for what I’m trying to do with this; I don’t need AMR to optimise me for a raid boss or whatnot.

I’ve ran a simulation, I have a custom gearing strategy, and can edit my own weights. When I edit, save, and set this strategy - even if I set, for example, Haste to 0 and Mastery to 10 - it still tries to use things like Haste Enchants for Best in Slot.

Secondly, I’m trying to search for gear to manually put the correct items I want into the slots. Searching for something like “Dread Gladiator” in the helm slot comes up with “No items match your filters. […]”. There are options to enable raid/dungeon content drops, and ilvl restrictions - but not a PvP option any more like there used to be. Is this intended or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

I would need a link to your custom strategy – if you set haste to a low weight it shouldn’t use haste enchants.

Our pre-defined gear lists might not have PvP gear in them… it will load any item that you actually own though. I never figured out the specific variations of PvP gear available… I could try to add that if I get a little more information from some PvPers. The site is mostly focused on PvE, so we don’t get a lot of demand for PvP gear/optimizations.

Sorry I had completely forgot about this post. Still need help though if available. Been a while since I checked the custom strategy but it should still be what it was when I originally asked:

My export string for the character if you need it

$71;EU;Silvermoon;Lassitude;Thistle Tea Party;5;1;120;30;12:1,8:100,2:100,13:1;3;.s1;25;1231212;.s2;26;2231223;.s3;27;2231311;.q1;136975s14b1494b1843b76;74s12b-1602b1819;4433s13b-2158b1994b62;12996s9v115b1248;548s8v0b11b1;26s16v0b2b2;3023s2b-3306b3446b1b2;174s7v-2b-148b2;13s10v1b1;21s6v1b-3b1;1314s17v1b-3085b3093;305s5b-21a280710a-12116a-4616;180s15v-4b18b1;179s11v4b17b4;598s1b-3363b3323b10a14698a-14714a16;2796s3b-3313b3303b10a13698a-9082a-4616;.q2;157974s5b1562b3213b11b612a272935a-8948a-25a16;37s3b-3836b3213b11b614a8957a-8948a-25a16;64s2b-3870b3399b1b6;1050s13;2546s11b-3384b3234b16b184b143x154128e5941;3s14b-3577b3234b200b142;1592s7b-3566b3224b339;12s9b-3573b3234b16b323x1;105s8b-3563b3224b340;500s16b-3564b3224b339e24;501s15b-3633b3292b14;1058s10b-3286b3271b343;236s12b-3594b3251b19b1x0e-25;656s17b-3251b3234b211b132e23;237s1b-3627b3284b340b276a8957a-8948a-25;119s6b-5362b1472b3271b696;.q3;157974s5b1562b3213b11b612a272935a-8948a-25a16;69s3b-3836b3213b11b614a16424a-16418a-22a16;32s2b-3870b3399b1b6;1050s13;2290s14b-3434b3284b693;257s11b-3937b3244b199b143e5940;345s16b-3576b3234b211b131e24;1249s7b-3566b3224b339;12s9b-3573b3234b16b323x154129;105s8b-3563b3224b340;500s17b-3564b3224b339e1;501s15b-3633b3292b14;1058s10b-3286b3271b343;236s12b-3594b3251b19b1x0e-25;893s1b-3301b3284b340b276a8957a-8948a-25;119s6b-5362b1472b3271b696;.inv;2459;0;0;4489;120;7;1;1;1;598;236;238;379;0;0;5518;2963;0;1;1;191;1;765;593;2;2649;41;54;63;506;4168;6461;331;633;7302;2330;1026;28860;14228;1896;5110;832;14022;42;575;867;51;1209;305;3;2854;364;795;127;142;5;567;1061;66;156;640;311;1041;3856;11;313;0;7;3030v120b5130;285;11;68;3;635b-4387b747b4b4x151008y1282z-5205p1557p1971p45q-2101q2056q86r-2131r1853r237;31;143;118;102b-757b740b2b2x-3395y-2428z2420p-2084p1848p137q-1997q1859q137r-1990r341r1512;2b-743b742b2b14x7325y507z-10244p-1769p1770p60q-1881q2012q39r-2082r1851r58;875;181;2524b1959b171;1192b-2154b251b1609;691b-2733b886b1848b57;2007;312;132;189b-1900b1843b76;46b46b171;11b-171b111;17b-1759b1819;20b-171b111;31b-111b111;306b-2084b1851b75;13b-1934b249b81b1528x-11048;20b-3295b1445b1851b78;41b-1939b251b1609;6b-1848b238b1610;0b-3295b1433b253b86;156;469;375;2;0;239;2;0;600b-335b327;261;191;153;92b-329b1860b137;123;0;19;7;17;20;14;580b-1999b2054b45;2b-2105b2053b7;543;95;36b-2056b1994b62;123;641;89;5;203;0;0;0;785;300;3647b-2924b908b296b1529b237;176;0;3692;424;1;937;1;1;1;1;2;1;0;1;28;0;1;0;5;1;1;27;1;2;0;52;0;37;0;208;174;391;260;1;1;1;1;1;414;1;1;1;1;1;39;1;0;557;0;175;0;1;0;1;0;3112b-2012b3213b11b614a272935a-8948a-25a16;367;1581;94;6;239;110;645;359b-3898b3282b14;55b-3306b3283b11b334b278a11918a-9716a-2218a16;141b-3851b3239b198b144;19b-3581b3239b198b145;4b-3567b3224b285b58;40b-3577b3234b16b184b143x23906e5941;3b-5088b1496b3246b199b147;0b-3577b3234b200b142;2b-3571b3226b19b184b143;42b-3577b3234b200b143;184b-3577b3234b200b143;558;576;215b-3567b3213b11b339b273a16649a-16640a-25a16;126b-3836b3213b11b340a14698a-11739a1657a-4616;227;87;7;3;54;27;45;1835b-3564b3224b17;672b-3251b3234b211b132e22$

I just checked it with the weights I set and it’s still trying to force Haste and weird Azerite traits (that’s a different story, I also can’t figure out how to get it to pick those, no matter what numbers I put into the different boxes for their weights).

I’ve checked the new customize section but it’s not quite enough for either of my needs as much as it’s appreciated for other things. For example, as a Sub Rogue I might want one “First Dance” and two “Battlefield Precision” for PvP, whilst stacking Mastery. I can’t really get that. I can get it to choose First Dance, but it doesn’t even suggest BFP at all with the Customise section.

I understand it’s a PvE focused site though, don’t worry too much. I would be happy if we could go to a simple advanced mode where we can play with our own weights like we could originally even if you have to warn us that it’s wrong and such. That’s when I really liked AMR, it was “basic” in that sense that I could do things that I wanted to do, even if not “optimised”.

Thanks again.

I think it is choosing the haste weapon enchants because custom strategies do a straight-up DPS estimate for special effects (like enchant procs, trinket procs, azerite procs, etc.). Changing stat weights won’t have an impact on the estimated score for the proc using that technique.

(Also, you don’t need the really high caps on mastery and versatility… that won’t do anything because you would never reach the caps.)

At one point we had a full-custom mode where you could enter in the value of everything by hand. Almost nobody used it though, so we stopped maintaining that approach. We might add it back at some point if we have time.

In your particular case, you seem to know precisely what you want. I would recommend just locking in the extras that you want: mastery enchants on your weapons, and the specific azerite trait combos. The optimizer will work around that, and you can use your custom strategy to stack mastery, or set a preference for high mastery with the new customization feature.

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The problem I’m having is that even changing those weights and adding the really high caps is that it never goes for them at all, not just weapon enchants, but gems, ring enchants or gear in general. The high cap was just to see if it would make a difference.

I want it for finding gear (especially on alts), for example, an easy way to see the PvP items that you get from capping the weekly Conquest Points - Do I want the [made up example] belt with high Mastery, low Crit, or High Versa, Low Mastery? Azerite items are easier because you go by the traits. That kind of decision isn’t as obvious when AMR is trying to go for Haste when you ideally don’t even want it (for what I want).

When I tried your strategy, it consistently went for mastery gear and used mastery gems and ring enchants…

You’re right, it has changed the gems/enchants since I last checked. The weapon enchants are Haste though, as you mentioned already.

Another problem I’m still currently having is finding gear, is there a way to enable PvP gear (with a rating level for item level jumps on top I suppose?) like we used to be able to? I don’t see it under the options where ilvl/raid difficulty/m+ level etc is, so if I disable every other source, it just keeps my current gear on. I can’t even search the term Gladiator, it’s an empty search.

On a side-note, when looking for BiS, and clicking on an item, the drop down menu consists of gear that I have disabled - Battle for Dazar’alor, world quests, world boss’, m+ etc. Is this intended?

Yeah right now the item lists for Best in Slot will contain the entire “standard” list. Only the filtering controls right next to it are in effect. You can use the text search box to narrow it down, it is pretty flexible, e.g. you can search for anything in the item name, source, any combination of stats, etc.

Do you have any good resources (or just know) how PvP gear is rewarded? Which items you can get, from which activities, and at what base item levels?

Sorry again, I really should check this more often!

Understood, although I do find it strange that filters don’t apply when manually clicking an item to change it, I personally think it was better before - i.e. things you’d filtered out wouldn’t show so you didn’t need to scroll down to find the “best” item from the list as it’s no longer filtered -

As for PvP sources -

PvP gear is rewarded from multiple different sources. Conquest Gear is awarded specifically from earning your 500 weekly Conquest Cap and you get one item per week and handed in via a quest at the PvP area - unless of course you are behind, then you can earn as many as you are behind as fast as you want/are capable of farming CP as a catch-up.

You can also get lower tiers of gear from Warfronts, Warfront Rares, Assault Caches, Arena Skirms, BGs, rated Arenas and rated BGs (the last two increases ilvl with rating).

To clarify then, there’s no way I can get it to show PvP gear at all? Since it doesn’t show any - filtered or not. If you could just add the current season (2) PvP gear that’d help;
Sinister Aspirant’s […] (BGs, Skirms, etc)
Sinister Gladiator’s […] (Conquest Points)

Thanks for the extra info – when I get a chance I’ll take a stab at sifting through the PvP items and putting some variants into the standard gear lists… it seems that the item level of the rewards scales with your rating? There are quite a few item levels so I’ll give it some thought… don’t really want 6 versions of every PvP item in the lists.

Yeah that’s understandable. I’d probably get that to set from your max ilvl, or if you want to go the extra mile, get the in-game AddOn to fetch arena rating if that’s possible to match it - although I’d prefer to be able to set it myself to maybe the next step up or so, or max even, just to see what I’m going after easier.

Yeah i’ll probably do like a 370, 385, 400, and 415 version of each item… something like that.

Sounds good. Any sort of ETA I should look back for? Thanks again btw.

I’m working on a few other things this week… but ideally I could do it before next tuesday.

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Yes please. The Sinister gear is everywhere and it’s mostly 370,385,400. There are cases where I can choose among four 385 helms, each with different Azerite traits and it’s difficult to see which helps me most. Like these:

Looking forward to this addition.

It would be a nice feature at some point if one can “make up” a gear item (by entering its specs & traits) so it gets ranked other items.

Any updates on this? Just curious if there has been any progress. Can’t wait to be able to use it again!

Still on the todo list, working through some tweaks to the optimizer first.