Custom stats, more options?

Wasnt sure where to put this.
When chosing custom secondary stats, why is it not possible to aim for 0 of a stat (minimum currently is 100.). in terms of more options more max stats (current 250 ilvl with 2k points). is it possible to have a new feature, where we can enter %%% and number of stats we want?

You are actually entering in a ratio – the concrete number is to make it a bit more intuitive to use. So if you put in 500 for all 4 stats, it will take whatever total amount of stats you have and try to get equal amounts of all of them.

We don’t allow you to go down to zero of a stat for a few technical reasons (the optimizer just works better with non-zero stat targets). It rarely has any meaningful impact on the optimization as it is difficult to get zero of a stat in most situations, and even if you could, allocating a small amount to the stat will have negligible impact on your results.