Customiser Stat Pool Update

Hi again,

Don’t want to be too much of an issue given the classic launch probably keeping you busy but would we be able to update the total amount of stats in the customiser section since most of us have over 4000 total secondary stats in the new patch. I’ve noticed that scaling down the stats I want to fall within the 4000 range doesn’t give ideal results.

Also while I’m asking that, I was wondering if there was any consideration around adding stat caps, ie. to get a viable glimmer build it’s pretty much ideal to have 2000 haste, any more and it could be spent better on other stats, any less and you just don’t get out enough holy shocks during avenging wrath.

Currently to get the customiser to sim my paladin with 2000 haste I need to tell the optimiser I want 2200 haste and force it to gem and enchant everything with haste meaning all my other stats go out of whack

Since AMR is still pushing for a mastery holy paladin build (which got laughed at on the Hpally discord unsurprisingly) I’m trying to take more control over the customisation since AMR is AMAZING when it comes to switching sets dealing with all the equipment and systems we’ve had stacked on top of us this expansion. I genuinely don’t think I could be arsed to play the game without it!

That 4000 is just an example for display purposes – gives you a concrete number/example to work with that is a nice round number. It actually stores a ratio, and then uses that ratio with whatever item budget you have available.

I can adjust the display to some higher number now that people are getting higher level gear, but it will have zero impact on the optimization.

It is unlikely that we’ll add caps… we have found over the years that they aren’t really a “thing” in-game. The value of stats tend to follow pretty “smooth” trends – maybe it is the case that around 2000 haste it reaches some point of maximum effectiveness, but if you had 1800 or 2200 it would be very hard to tell the difference in-game. With haste in particular, there are all sorts of things in-game that add more “fuzz” to any potential break point than people realize.

I can talk to @Swol about the fact that the optimizer tends to favor a mastery build (which is totally viable), and see if maybe we end up adding a setting if you don’t plan to play in a way that can take advantage of mastery.

Yeah, even if AMR suggested the exact set of gear one of the class discords recommended they’d still laugh at it, so that’s no surprise :wink:

I think we could create a simulation that moves the paladin farther away from allies, like we discussed before.

I still think some people should try to make max use of mastery in a real raid setting to test it out… the math supports it as a potentially strong build, but w/e. Experimenting in video games is scary.