Customizable Secondary stats still budgets only 2000, will there be an update?

I would like to see the secondary stats allocation pie chart divide amongst more stats (the average stats found on ilvl 245-250 gear, maybe?) to get a better picture for how I want to gear my character. Can this feature be updated soon, please?

As a suggestion for an improvement for this feature, maybe allow me to set my ilvl and the average stat value can dynamically change to allow me to get an accurate stat distrubution.

I play a healer in M+ and usually there isnt a sim that I want to follow as much as stat breakpoints that I want to reach and I love using AMR to determine what combination of gear will get me to those breakpoints.

Thanks, Gwyn

The amount of stats is just representative - you are really setting a stat ratio. The ratio seen in the pie chart is what the optimizer will try to get, regardless of total secondary stats available.

We use stat ratings as the numbers instead of percentages because it ends up being a little clearer. There isn’t a great way to show it, since there is always some ambiguity involved.

We stopped explicitly supporting breakpoints because they aren’t really “a thing” as far as theoretical output goes. They are a preference some people have. You can toy around with the stat slider to try to get close to breakpoints you prefer. And it isn’t important to get exactly to a breakpoint - you only need to be in the ballpark. If you tell us what you are trying to make the optimizer do and post a snapshot, we can help you set it up.

2000 is actually still a good representative number for current gear levels. I’ll update the item level label.

As Swol said, the particular number isn’t important, think of it as “if I gave you 2000 stat points to allocate however you want, where would you put them?” We store that ratio (as percentages), and apply it to however many secondary stats you actually have available.

Note that the total amount of secondary stats that you have doesn’t swing that much. For example, a player in full heroic-level raid gear (~ilvl 240) might have around 1850 total secondary stats, and someone in full mythic-level raid gear (~ilvl 254) might have around 2000 total secondary stats, as a ballpark. Only a difference of 150 total. While that will certainly increase your damage noticeably, for the purposes of a UI for defining a stat ratio, it’s close enough that 2000 is a good representative number for either case.

I initially accepted that maybe I could create a ratio with the secondary stat customizer, and move the pie chart quadrants as a ratio. However, I want to prioritize crit and vers while keeping haste at about 20%.
But either I dont have the items to get the stat distribution I want (very possible), or what the optimizer wants to do is dump the remaining stats into mastery? Also, my calling these preferences “break points” might just be the wrong terminology for what I’m trying to do.
Link to current pie chart
So here is an example of what I have done to get my stats to be what I want. AMR on its own clearly prefers that I stack haste and versatility, but I want haste to stop at 20% (I can get any extra haste from Kyrian soulbind, or the anima power, etc.).