Customize "At least 1" option not working, acting like "grab a bunch"

It should say “Ok, I got 1, drop back to normal priorities”. But instead it’s saying “Grab 1, but still prioritize this even if it downgrades”. Which would be “Grab as many as possible”, and there’s an option for that. “At least 1” should literally just grab 1 and then go away

Here’s my example of where it’s happening-
Normal, no customization:

Note that Wilderness Survival () already has atleast 1 picked. So far so good.

Ok, the problem happens when you add a “At least 1” option for Wilderness Survival:

Nothing should change, right? The gear already met the “At least 1” requirement. Unfortunately, he DOES change the gear. And starts adding more Wilderness Survival’s, downgrading by as many iLvls as you allowed. Again, he shouldn’t be downgrading or changing anything since the “At least 1” rule was already met

Here’s the picture of the change after adding the should-have-been-redundant-with-current-gear rule:

I love you guys, AMR was already the smartest bestest thing, and then you add this feature that literally lets you get EXACTLY the specific traits and stuff you want. BRILLIANT. Love you guys, tytyty <3

If you click on the Help link next to the big Best in Bags section title on the website, and generate a snapshot ID and post it in this thread, I can use that to try and reproduce your case and see what’s going on.

Didn’t know about that. Awesome, tyvm

Here it is: 7f725cfb87ae48b3bb6d04250be5c93b

So I tried this out both on the live site and my dev site, and I’m not seeing the same result… even if I move the rule for the Wilderness Survival trait to the top priority, it still only chooses one. I was using the Surv-aoe setup at the top of your list.

Perhaps there are some other steps to reproduce the result that you are seeing?

I just tried and it seems to be working the way you’d expect now. If there already was 1 that atleast 1 wasn’t changing gear. Yay. Thanks for checking and adding such a fantastic feature you guys! <3