Customize Feature: Alternative Legendary Combos

#How it works
After doing a Best in Bags or Best in Slot optimization, the Gear Optimizer will now show you a new “Customize” section (on the right with a wider screen, below the results on a narrow screen) with alternative Legendary item configurations that are close in value to the chosen solution. You can click on one of the alternatives to easily lock it in and use it instead of the solution that was automatically selected.

###Note on Best in Slot
Due to technical reasons with Best in Slot, after locking in a legendary combo (or locking in any other item), the Customize list might be empty or only show a small number of results. This is because once you lock stuff in, the optimizer no longer searches combinations that your locks wouldn’t allow. You need to unlock everything again to get the full list.

This limitation is not in place for Best in Bags – the full list of alternatives will always show. We can do this because your inventory is a much smaller search space than all available items.

#Why did we add this feature?
We think that this is one of the most important features that we have added this expansion – it is a big step towards making our gearing philosophy both useful and accessible to all players.

Anyone who says they can look at all of your gear and find the single best combinations with zero error… is lying. Nobody has a model of the game that is good enough, or knows with enough detail how you personally play the game to guarantee a solution. So it is doing you a disservice to not show and quantify other viable alternatives.

And this isn’t just about “accuracy” – let’s say for the sake of argument that we know with perfect accuracy that legendary combo A will, on average, perform up to 3% better than combo B. We still think it is important to show you that combo B is really close to combo A. Then you can feel confident that if there is some less measurable difference between those combinations, both are still very viable for top-level play. You can be confident experimenting with either.

All of the alternative legendary combos that we show are viable – if there is something about how you like to play the game that makes one of them feel better to you than what we automatically choose… use it! Doing so is not “wrong” or “sub-optimal”. Our theoretical model shows that it will be close enough to optimal that other factors may make it slightly better or worse for any given individual.


I like the feature but it doesn’t let me click on any of the combos suggested. In addition, even when t21 raid is turned off in the filters it still suggests t21 gear. Looks like a bit of a bug.

Could you give me some more information to reproduce the case where you can’t click on it? Seems to work on all my characters, so must be specific to your setup. Were you using best in slot or best in bags? Also, could you provide an addon export string for your character?

The T21 gear thing is a separate issue – most likely how you have your filters set up. Perhaps you are allowing BoE gear that is from Antorus?

true that, filters are a science are for themselves :rofl: used them back during draenor for bis PvP gear, but it took me some… minutes, let’s say, till I figured out what to enter so robot only shows PvP gear available for me. item levels were important as far as I remember. still, when u get I working, askmrrobot is a darn mighty tool!

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I haven’t tried this yet but I can just say YES! I already used to “lock in” legendaries in BiS, but this seems much quicker!

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So i understand correctly how it works. You have all possible combo of legendary that equivalent ? So it’s not relevant to have on this list a better one and a bad one. All of them are withing the 3% ?

Yes, it only shows legendary combos that simulate to within 3% of the one that BiB chose.

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I think it would be better if it would show all the legendary combinations and their pros and cons. For example one might want to decide the most suitable legendaries for an aggressive tanking build

So under the gearing strategies, in the Blender pull-down, choose “Aggressive”. Your legendary selection will change to suit.

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Thank you for this! Now I can rest easy by double checking that another legendary combo wouldn’t be superior in a particular situation.