Customize for trinkets?

I know trinkets are fairly difficult to balance. I was just wondering if it’s possible we may ever see a similar setup for trinkets that we do for alternate legendaries. I’ve despised Charm of the Rising Tides, especially on high movement fights, but it’s been BiB for me for a long time (it looks like I finally got a replacement tonight, yay!).

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The main problem we run into is that the number of combinations explodes, which will make that list really long. But, something along those lines is something that we are thinking about.

For next expansion I’d say it is likely because there won’t be all the legendary and set items to contend with, so, doing the alternative choices for trinkets will be easier from a user interface perspective.

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One option would be to narrow the threshold to 2% (from 3%) for trinket combos. Obviously things get a little less reliable as you encroach on the margin of error, but it would play into your goal of showing that different gear combos are viable while avoiding getting too out of hand.

Would it be possible to just lock certain item slots? I am pretty happy with warlock trinket sims from sites like lockonestopshop, so if I could just fix my Acrid Catalyst Injector and Norgannon’s Foresight and gear around that, I would be happy.

Having a similar option to the legendaries would be nice, but seems like it would be way more complex (as you mentioned)

Edit: This is in response to @tr0tsky but doesnt address the initial questions/responses.

In the Gear Optimizer you can lock any piece you want and the optimizer will keep that piece fixed. Do this by clicking on the piece you’d like to lock and then selecting the piece you want there form the popup. A dotted border should be around that piece now, which indicates that it’s locked. If you hit “save&update” it will re-optimize around your selection. It should look like this afterwards (note: not a real example cause I’d never lock in those boots for real):

You can see that it’s keep the boots in (even though the gearing strategy predicts that they’d be a loss) and suggests which trinket to replace my velen’s with.

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Oh, awesome. Thanks!