Customize > Legendary combos

Forgive me if this topic has not been addressed. I’ve got some searching to do.

I would love to be able to specify whatever legendary I want to use, regardless of whether it’s within ~5% of Best in Bags estimate.

There are times where I’d prefer some utility over others.

What’s really, really annoying is when AMR chooses items which are not for the specialization I’m currently in. Legendaries that buff spells which do not exist in my current spec sems pretty lame.

Any chance of either of these being addressed?


You have always been able to do this – click on a slot on the Best in Bags result, and it will bring up a list of all the items you own. Choose any item you want, and that will lock it in – you will see a dotted line around. Press Save and Update.

Now the optimizer will not change that item and instead optimize around it.

Usually if the optimizer suggests legendaries from another spec, it is because the stats are simply good, regardless of the effect. Or maybe the other legendaries you have available don’t have very good effects. Or maybe you have a really low ilvl item in a slot, so putting the legendary there is a better call. It is very hard to say without seeing your specific setup.