Customizer Bug - Azerite Powers

Running into several issues with the Customer Azerite test feature. Specific example is with my druid. I have rules that prioritizes 3 stacks of Wildfleshrending (30 ilvls) and Twisted Claws (30 ilvls) for my Guardian druid. Also have exactly 1 of Layered Mane (15), Burst of Savagery (15), and Longstrider (in this order). It should be using my 420 Fairweather Tunic instead of my 420 Gravethorn Jerkin. Fairweather matches both my Wild and Twisted perfectly but it keeps recommending Twisted and Layered on Gravethorn. Twisted Claws priority is higher than Layered Mane. In general I’m losing faith in the gear recommendations on AMR especially with regards to azerite traits and stacking. My druid has priorities in Resto, Balance, Guardian, and lastly Feral. This is just one example of some issues I’ve been having.



Press the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section title, then press Create Support Post. Then copy the snapshot ID it generates here, and we can use that to try your exact setup and see what’s going on.


It does seem like something is up here - like for some reason it’s only look at one of your “at least 3” rules instead of both. We’ll see if we can track down the cause in the code.

This customization feature is really cool and a direction we want to take the site in, but it is actually very difficult to inject custom rules into the optimization algorithm - it causes a lot of issues with scores for items that become difficult to determine. You are only customizing a few of the traits, so we have to fill in the rest automatically, which is just hard!

Hiya, just joining in here, I’ve got it set to stack 3 balefuls regardless of iLevel on my demo lock but it’s ingoring most of my customisation preferences. Just in case you need another test case.

The site has been updated with a fix for this issue – please let me know if you run into any other cases where the custom azerite rules don’t seem to be working as you would expect.

Thank you for looking at this. Will check it out later today.

OK went back and tested some things out. Relaxed some restrictions on ilvl. Removed some requirements also so now we just have:

  • Wildfleshrending - stack to 3, 0 ilvls sacrificed
  • Twisted Claws, stack to 3, 0 ilvls sacrified
  • Layered Mane, at least 1, 15 ilvls sacrificed
  • Longstrider, exactly 1, 0 ilvls sacrified

In theory, anything of my highest avail gear should focus on Wildfleshrending when avail and Twisted Claws on my highest gear. If Layered Mane or Longstrider is avail, picking at least one of these.

What we have is: Layered Mane and Longstrider are being completely ignored when avail on the gear, and instead being told to take Undulating Tides, and Shield.

My Seafarer’s Shoulders has Fleshrending and Layered Mane, therefore that should be taken over Fathomstalker which has Twisted and Undulating recommended and not Longstrider over shield. Not to mention reusing my healing chest for tanking instead of another piece that is 420 ilvl (i can understand this a bit).

Here’s the code for this.

Think I found the problem. BIB is recommending my primary healing gear and telling me that its better dps despite having healing traits. I had to redo the rules saying to sacrified up to 30 ilvls for the traits. Dont agree that 450 armor with healing or balance traits are better survival or dps than 430 with tanking traits for def or dps.

So the reason it’s not choosing the other shoulders is that your rule is too restrictive: your highest ilvl item in the shoulder slot is ilvl450, but your highest ilvl item with wild fleshrending is ilvl420. Your rule of “only max” for wild fleshrending will only apply to items of ilvl450.

That said… it may make sense to exclude items that have been used/reserved for a higher priority setup when checking the ilvl threshold (in this case, those shoulders were used for your resto setup). I’ll have to think on that a bit to make sure the behavior of the rules remains intuitive.

Playing around with some tweaks on my development version of the optimizer, I made it skip azerite items used by higher priority setups when checking the item level threshold on azerite rules, and it comes up with this solution for your case:


I think that may be closer to what you were expecting from your original set of rules. I’ll test this against some other cases and if it doesn’t cause any issues, we’ll put it into the next update.

There is one potential side effect of this change that I have to think about: the previous version was picking some of your ilvl450 azerite items that did not have guardian traits. The optimizer considered the power of the extra raw stats (armor, stamina, agility) to be more valuable than the lost traits, as you mentioned in your post.

Were we to make the above change, something could happen like… your best azerite item is ilvl450 and used by resto spec, then your only unused azerite item besides that is really low… like ilvl325. It would use that. I don’t think anyone would expect that.

So maybe I won’t include this change… it would probably be better for you to adjust your rules to have a wider ilvl range like you did.

Understood. By providing a larger number of ilvls to sacrifice, I was able to get the correct pieces selected. Still working on some of the other aspects. This could just be a function of my understanding as well as having so many specs. As always, your time spent looking in to this as well as your feedback is appreciated.