Dagger Rogue - Classic

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is:

BiB not taking my 5% crit from rogue dagger talents into equasion? Saying Crit is 28% when its 33%, also cant be including buffs as i’d be way over crit limit with current hit gear?

We need you to use the “help” link and post the snapshot id generated from the Create Support Post button. That will let us see your BiB.

We don’t show the 5% crit on the character sheet because it won’t necessarily apply to all of your damage. If you were to use a sword in one hand and a dagger in the other, you’d only get the 5% crit on attacks with the hand that has the dagger.

I would need to see all the buffs you have selected to answer you question about the crit cap. We take all your sources of crit into account when we do the optimization.