Darkmantle - rogue tier 0.5 set


Have this set been taken into account?

also, will there be a sim function in the future?

Yes, the set bonus is taken into account.

We are using a mathematical model for classic instead of a simulator. Classic lends itself to this approach very well, which is allowing us to have lots of options available to the optimizer like buffs, consumables, fight length, etc.

thanks for the reply.

Other BIS lists from tryhards show that Darkmantle in for example P5 is BIS, just curious as to why its not even on the list as an upgrade in the mr robot tool.

Well, I see it in the list and I know we take into account the dps-relevant set bonus.

Who thinks it is BiS, and in what context? The item level alone would make it inferior to raid gear.

Thanks for the reply.

check this one out:

So, the only way I could see it possibly being good enough to compete with higher item level gear is if the proc rate is much higher than I am assuming. I am assuming a 3% proc rate, which was the best info that I could find.

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