Darkmoon Faire Buffs


I don’t know if it’s me that can’t find it but you seem to be missing Sayge’s Fortunes (Darkmoon Faire buffs) in your extra buffs section.

Unless something odd has changed those buffs are removed when doing any instance content which is challenging. Given all the odd things which creep in past the patch notes this is possible but I’d be very surprised.

Also it’s only available until death and only one week in four(ish) so it’s not really worthwhile spending time implementing it. Someone official might chime in too but as another end user I’d rather they spent time on more meaningful things.

We could add the darkmoon buffs – @Cluey people are pretty hardcore about buff stacking in Classic, and it’s not that hard to add more to the list.

That would be appreciated! While we’re at it, will there eventually be a way to simulate a Hunter with 1, 2 or 3 people applying T2 set bonus debuff? That should definitely come into play when choosing what gear to wear.

E: Oh and I know this would require proc % testing since we don’t have the official numbers. Im 7/8 T2, I’d be able to help you with that pretty soon.

I’d missed the Classic tag!
I find it quite odd people using so many buffs given how easy it is.

All of the buffs are what make it easy – you can almost double your power from buffs+consumables in classic. If you don’t use any of that stuff or stack only the overpowered specs, it isn’t quite as easy.

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the “best in bags” option, does that take into account world buffs or not? I mean, certain items gain or drop in value in regard to world buffs…

There is an option to turn on/off the buffs/consumables you want to use. The optimizer will then adjust accordingly.

Indeed there was - thanks.