Deadly Navigation over Crow Nest Scope?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I have just simmed by character and it is asking me to swap out crows nest scope for deadly navigation enchant but I thought the crows nest scope was the ‘go to’ enchant for BM hunters?

Snapshot: 5876171f90234bd09d2d4dcf4096315b

Is this a bug or working as intended please?


Those two enchants are extremely close in value… so close that you would never be able to tell the difference in-game.

But if you want to min-max every little bit, Deadly Navigation is always just slightly better than Crow’s Nest Scope.

Thanks @yellowfive :slight_smile:

Just wondering is there a way for me to see the rotation that the sim is using? I use raidbots with simc and seem to get more accurate results in terms of DPS, ideally I want to stick with just using AskMrRobot as it is a lot more polished and easier to use. When using the AMR setup I lose around 3k overall DPS over simc suggestions.


You can have the rotation here for the BM hunter:

I can probably help you understand it and if you want to you can copy it, and do modification on it.
Simulate it and see if it’s improve or not.
If it’s the case AMR’s team will improve the current rotation based on your work. I did it multiples times (or tried to :p)

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Thanks @Sieness, so that is the full rotation and you pick out the things you have? Like for example I can ignore the worldvein essence action as I do not use it?

Yes, if their is “Something required” it mean it will only trigger if you are using it.
So ignore the line when you dont have it

You ran a simulation or you’re using the Best in Bags feature?

Is this 3k lower than what the Raidbots/SimC result gives you or you’re referring to an in game fight?

Hi @Cluey,

Apologies I should have been more clear. So when I use BiB on AMR and equip that setup I do around 3K less damage in-game.

If I use the Top Gear feature of raidbots and let it pick out my top gear and equip that setup I do around 3k more damage in-game.

You can see the same rotation in a bit more readable format here: Not Available

Go to the Rotation section. You can pick talents, major essence, and azerite on the left to make the rotation adapt to what you have chosen. This is the same as the full rotation that Sienss linked, but with some formatting to make it easier to follow.

Also: how are you measuring your 3k DPS gain in-game?

Hopefully he’s been playing non-stop for the last month in boss length quantities with exactly the same raid comp and has had an average amount of abilities to dodge. :wink:


@swatto86 you can sim the gear Raidbots is choosing in the AMR simulator to verify the result, if it’s doing more than BiB then some investigation might be needed, assuming it’s outside standard deviation.
Just wondering which script you’re using on Raidbots?
If it’s the standard Patchwerk one compare the result to a target dummy in the AMR simulator, the default single target script AMR uses has some movement in it as that’s a much better representation of a fight these days.