Death Knight error when optimizing: the method or operation is not implemented

If you are receiving an error when optimizing a death knight that says:

“The method or operation is not implemented.” (Usually accompanied by a ticket number as well.)

We have a fix for this that we will post very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience – there was an issue with runeforges when migrating to our new servers last night.

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Also note that I have referred to this topic from some other ones that users started, so that all updates are in one thread, and so that the topic title is more descriptive.

When posting errors, try to make the topic title as specific as possible so that there aren’t multiple “BiB not working” posts that don’t help other users figure out if their issue is being addressed.

Also, when possible, always let us know your character, and ideally provide your addon export string. That way we can resolve your issue much faster.

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I posted an update, should be fixed now.

Still getting the error this morning on my DK do I have to do anything to reset it?

The specified gearing strategy could not be found: 13d2b7ab0a8e4508884a8742f16e76c8

Try switching to each spec on the askmrrobot site, and choose a gearing strategy from the picker – even if it’s the same strategy that is already chosen, or you hardly ever play that spec. Then try it again, should work.