Deciphering CSV data from the AMR simulator

For those not familiar with the Shadowlands API documentation, when the simulator produces too many setups and there’s only CSV data to download without a user-friendly web version, is there an easy way to understand some of the CSV data and IDs, especially those specifically related to Shadowlands, like covenants, soulbinds, and conduits?

Perhaps a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet that can accept the CSV data as the AMR simulator presents it and convert it into user-friendly names instead of IDs?

This is an example of the AMR simulator data to which I’m referring; it is just one row of the thousands I have.

Also, I don’t know how viable this is but perhaps another workaround or solution is to always web-present the top 100–1000 results (when sorted by DPS/HPS/TUF from largest to smallest, depending on the spec) regardless of the number of setups produced by a test-combinations simulation.

Yeah it’s not the most user friendly… but it’s a pretty low use case so we didn’t add a lot of development time to it.

For soulbinds, there are 3 fields: SoulbindNodeX, ConduitXId, ConduitXRank.

The “X” is the tier, starting with 0 for the first tier, and so on moving down the tree.
SoulbindNode is the column that is selected, 0 for nothing, 1, 2, or 3, from left to right as seen on the tree in-game. (Not every tier has 3 options, if there is only a middle node, than 2 would be the only possible value.)

Covenant, Soulbind and conduit IDs are the same as seen in the game data, e.g. here:

The conduit table doesn’t actually have the names… you can see them here though in the item tooltips:

The item IDs are the item ID as seen in the game data, and then any number of bonus IDs with each preceded by the letter “b”. Note that these bonus IDs are not the same as the ones seen in-game, because the in-game ones are a mess. We map them to better bonus IDs that we use in our own data.

That might help you out a little… one day we might add a way to convert the CSV into a more readable format for very large files. We don’t right now because very large files can cause bandwidth issues.

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Thank you very much for sharing these resources with me, yellowfive. They did help a lot, at least in the most important parts that I wanted to figure out.

I don’t know how viable this is but you can perhaps show only the top 1000 results, for example, regardless of the total number of results from a simulation, sorted from the highest DPS, and offer a file with only those results instead of the thousands that resulted from a comparison simulation. I’d choose such an option because very large Excel/csv files end up being very slow to process on the PC and also very vulnerable to data corruption anyway, and as a user, I’m only really interested in the setups that offer the best DPS, even after a complex comparison simulation.

That would be a cool feature that we can look into adding as we update the site for dragonflight. As it is stored right now, we unfortunately couldn’t do it. It would require a structural change to the simulator database, and those are only really viable to make between expansions.

(There is a storage format that we can switch to that will allow something like this pretty easily, but it can’t be done retroactively on existing data, short of copying it all, and there is a lot of data!.)

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