Defense Cap for Prot Pally

I am struggling to find the right balance for Pally Tank gear. In normal dungeons, I would love to see the option to set the configuration at 450 Defence and then go Spell Power and Stamina at 450. Heroics I would like to set the Defence to 485 and then STam and SP. Then finally Raid Stats, I would like to select 490 Defence then Stamina, and Spell Power. I see you have a slide already there but if we can set the value to 450, 485, and 490 we could hit all 3 caps depending on what we are doing as a Pally tank. When I am running people in Outlands in normal dungeons I need to drop my defense down to 450 so I take some damage and heals give me mana back. 485 for heroics sine highest mob is lvl 72 so anything over 485 is wasted, could and should stak stamina after 485 for heroics. then 490 for raids and again stacking Stamina and spell power if need more threat,.

Right now we don’t have a setting for lower than level 73 enemies. We could potentially add it, but that would require more work/code than you would think, so for now it isn’t something we plan to do unless there is more demand for it.

OK ty, what about just at 73? Could you add a 490 check box to pick gear for defense to 490?

In the “customize” section there are options to force the crit immune or crush immune caps.

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At the moment, I’m a little bit confused for my optimization result. I clicked optimize for crit and crush immune. I disabled all Gems, enchants, raid Buffs, consumables … The optimization shows me a result from Defense: 152 ( as hint 314 Rating) for my actual gear. But the WOW Client shows me with that gear a Defense from 502, and this is already too much. Snapshot 6d6e4c1e0b8242b5bdb8aaf69c40a7f5 Maybe I misunderstand something. My english is not the best.

Defense doesn’t only reduce the chance to be critically hit but also increases your chance to dodge, parry, and block, and the enemies chance to miss which a) contributes to reaching crush immunity and b) are still valuable stats for a tank after reaching crit immunity.

There’s nothing wrong with getting more defensive stats and with the gear you currently own there appears to be no other way to reach crush immunity, especially if you ignore gems, enchants, etc.

Thanks for the info, but that does not shows me why there is a difference in wow client char stats Defense 502 to Defense 152(314) in amr. As I wrote I disabled all optimisation and show only the actual gear and there are different values

Defense in itself is one of your weapon skills (like “Swords”, etc.) which is capped at 5 times your level and needs to be leveled by getting hit. With level 70 you should have a Defense skill of 350 and Defense from items will be added on top of that.
AMR only shows how much defense you’ll get from items, as you can’t really change the base 350 defense skill.