Deleting and re-uploading changes BiB?

I was looking at one of my character’s and I ran a best in bags. I deleted the spec and re-uploaded it and now the recommended layout of items is totally different. How can that be if all my gear is the same and I’ve reconfigured all my gear and setting in AMR to be the same?

The optimizer is idempotent – if you give it the same input, it will always produce the same output. So something must have changed… maybe the priority order of your specs… or you got some new gear… hard to say without seeing the before and after.

We do update the website from time to time, but we don’t change the gear rankings that often unless Blizzard changes something.

Maybe he had some gem and enchant or azerite threshold set, and the first BiB was done after a previous one he had done earlier. Then when he delited the spec, it was starting over new, so essentially there were no thresholds?

Could be – if anyone is able to reproduce this behavior, let me know – try and save your addon export strings that made it happen.