Demon Hunter Havoc Simulator issue

I keep looking at the new guide for demon hunters, and looking at the single target rotation and i’ve noticed something odd. I’m using demon’s bite, and it keeps putting dark slash into the rotation part of the guide, . yet im not using dark slash talent? Also in the public version of the rotation on line “23” it has the modifier for dark slash requires demon bite talent
and on line “22” it requires talent dark slash and not demon bite.
I assume line 23 should be “requiires dark slash and requires demon bite” as well so that the rotation guide stops putting it in, even without the dark slash talent. Not sure if this reflects into the simulations either, or the estimated dps on the rotation guide.

This is a display issue in the rotation viewer only - I was missing a tag on that action. The simulator cannot use Dark Slash unless the talent is chosen, regardless of the metadata tags set on the rotation itself, so none of the rankings or simulations would be affected.