Demonology 4T28

I was doing some comparisons of Demo sim results vs Simulationcraft, and I noticed some discrepancies, and one meaningful omission on AMR.

Quick Sim - Zarilithdori - 13,041 DPS - Raidbots vs Simulation Report (11,353 dps)

To lead with the most relevant thing - the 4p imps don’t seem to have their Doombolt (the damage they do when they expire naturally) implemented in AMR at all. I assume this makes the 4p show up as less valuable than it actually is - though it likely is still suggested in all relevant situations. This accounts for a meaningful amount of the difference between the two sims.

The other major difference is in Demonic Tyrant damage. The Simulationcraft result has a significantly larger amount of damage from Demonic Tyrants, so I assume there’s a rotational difference that gets it more value from Demonic Consumption. Not sure if it’s some fiddly simc-only optimization or if they’re doing something meaningfully better.

The rest of the damage difference is in Dreadstalkers, Imps, and an incorrectly scaled Infinitely Divisible Ooze (on both sides! Mine does 1442 damage per hit, and neither sim has that number). The Ooze, of course, does not matter, given that the trinket is no longer relevant.

Thanks for the report - I see there is a problem in the 4pc implementation that is stopping the damage the malicious imp does when it dies. I’ll fix that today.

I’ve noticed the difference in demonic consumption before… but I don’t know what to do about that. Our calculations match what I see in the game. I’ve played around with the rotation a lot (I played a lot of demonology in shadowlands) and I am not able to get higher average DPS. I can change it to get a tyrant with high damage… but doing all the fiddly stuff to always line it up like that results in lower average DPS.