Demonology Warlock trying to stack Crit?

AMR Demonoly gearing seems to be trin to stack crit in fact i have more crit as a demonology warlock than i do as destro lol why is this? and better yet why cant we select a preset for more crit/mast/haste based on preference as Haste/Mast are viable atm in high amounts

The reason is because that is the stat distribution that simulates to the highest DPS. Our gear optimizer picks the stats that simulate to the highest DPS.

We don’t offer a way to optimize for different stat setups because they would be arbitrary and impossible to score.

It makes sense to me, logically, that crit would be the strongest stat for Demonology. Crit and Haste are the two stats that affect all of your damage, so the optimizer trying to get more of those stats than any other makes sense. It makes sense that Haste would be a bit weaker than crit, since a lot of your damage comes from Wild Imps. Haste lets you get out more imps, but the imps themselves don’t scale with haste except during tyrant if they can get off another firebolt or two. So, Crit is really the only stat that you get 100% value from on 100% of your damage.

All that being said, the value of the stats for Demonology is close. You can actually pick any stat distribution you want and be within 5% of optimal DPS. Because of that, you’ll probably see different suggestions from different sources. Our stat suggestions are created from a statistical analysis of thousands and thousands of simulations. We believe that our stat advice is the most complete advice you will find anywhere, especially because it adapts to your talents and gear.

If you want to use a different stat distribution just because you… want to. You don’t need an optimizer for that - just equip the gear you want :wink: