Denial of using AMR

I think I am going to rant abit, not against amr. Around two days ago raidbots had some problems and did not work, so I told my raid to try AMR for simming or even using BiB. The answer I got was “lol AMR”. I really do not understand why there is this behavior against AMR. I have been using it for quite a long time and latetly I am using is it conjunction with raidbots to compare the results and they pretty close. I am more than happy how AMR scores all my specs (playing druid).

I do not understand this denial on even trying AMR. One thing someone said was, I used BiB during 1st day of 8.3 and I got “wrong” results. By wrong he did not actually clarify what he ment, maybe wrong on what the community of theorycrafters are proposing. Maybe AMR was not 100% ready on day 1 of the patch (I cant remember this detail, sorry) but still there was an announcement. Maybe it should be 10 times bigger :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the “problem” (notice the quotes) might be coming from the visual presenation of the results. When running AMR BiB you get a choice of gear and you need to click on each item slot to see the next in score gear. Some times the next in score might be ~0.4% worst which is not even noticable. On the other hand raidbot’s Best in slot produces a list and you can clearly see the %dps difference so you can decide easier if the 2nd in score might better for you.

Anyway, was just something I wanted to say out :slight_smile:, since I detest not even trying something before you judge it.

Thanks for the feedback! That’s actually a pretty interesting observation about the presentation of alternate options in the results.

Unfortunately, there is a prevailing attitude that there is only one true and right answer to what it the best setup to use, which we of course disagree with. There is also a very vocal online community that has a vested interest in promoting their viewpoint and trashing our viewpoint - it’s just how so many things are these days.

We have been giving some thought as to how we can build our brand back up again after the advent of the discord era - haven’t quite hit on how we do that yet. Unfortunately the quality of the gear advice we give is going to be largely irrelevant when it comes to that, ironically.