DH sim/best in bag wrong?

It’s telling me to replace my 340 weapon with a 266 green? o.O Just because it has 20 leech? Confused on this.

We’ve got an update to tank strats in the works. Some weird stuff can happen on really low item level players still. Tank gearing is hard to smooth out when you are at an item level where it doesn’t really matter what gear you use because you’re going to die.

Ahhh ok, cool. I had a feeling it might be something wonky like that. Also the green it wanted me to equip had leech on it, and the other two wpns did not. So i wondered if Leech was given a really high value. Good to know :slight_smile:

Side note, when I got rid of that green the sim then recommended swapping my blue 325 with my epic 340 weapon, blue main/epic off. I wondered if this was per chance, because the epic has no stats on it, but instead has a dps proc.