Did something change?

When I logged into AMR today it didn’t remember any of my characters, after re-importing from the addon I am getting different gear recommendations than I did this past Thursday. I have not gotten any new gear since Thursday, and I opened my artifact weapons since they wanted to import at 750.

The stat weights seem different, I checked the sim my weights should be based off of and it lists crit & haste as equal for 100%, but the gearing strategy shows crit several thousand ahead on the graph. I even recreated it and got the same results.

Any ideas on what’s going on?

Off the top of my head, I’m not sure what would cause your issue. If your characters weren’t remembered… the only thing I can think of is that maybe you got logged out of the website? Check if you are logged in with your same user account, since those settings are saved per user in our database.

As far as the stat weights, I don’t even know what spec you are talking about, so I can’t comment much on that without some more information!

I was logged out initially, but once I logged in my characters still weren’t listed under recent.

As far as stat weight it is on my resto druid, using the machine learning settings based on this sim. As I said, Thursday it gave me one set of gear, and today, without any changes in the available gear it it telling me to swap multiple pieces.

It is saying it’s 0.47% performance improvement, but since nothing on my end changed I’m wondering why the results are different.

I’m guessing some setting must have changed when you lost your saved settings.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe you were never actually logged in, in which case those would have been saved in your browser. If your cache/cookies got cleared, all that would get blown away. Although you are using a custom gearing strategy… which means you were probably logged in at some point. Any chance you were logged in as a different user?

Just glancing at your simulation - as an FYI, you can adjust the fight length, ally item level, and raid damage levels without modifying the actual boss script. Those are all settings on the sim UI. Use the mythic+ level to amplify the damage. +6 is the typical damage increase from heroic to mythic raid levels. Anything higher than +6 will probably be unrealistic for a raid setting, but you can jack it up as much as you want.

Nope, only have the one account … None of this explains why the same gear strategy is giving different results without any outside changes.

Guess I just have to hope the new suggestions are right, not a lot of confidence in things randomly changing like that though.

I can’t think of how that would happen. I haven’t seen this before and have no way to reproduce it, sorry.

We will be posting new gearing strategies for every spec very soon, and will announce those. You might end up using those anyway, and then this issue will be moot.

Also new in mind that there is some margin of error in any gearing strategy. If you run the same gearing strategy twice, you could get small differences in the suggestions with no other changes.

I’m looking forward to the Healing sim updates that’s the biggest draw for me when it comes to AMR. Nothing else offers anything similar.

Also thanks for the tips about how / what to change outside the script to get the effects I was looking for.